About Us

Lightstone Business prides itself on the accuracy of our information, and on the value of the intelligence we can layer around it – not only in terms of other data sets that we are uniquely positioned to provide, but in the analysis thereof and in what that means for value creation in your business.

Lightstone was founded in 2005 to develop tools to help mortgage lenders to better manage their property risk. In 2009, one of the founding members of Lightstone, who was also one of the first people in the country to work with spatial data and has been doing so for 25 years, founded Lightstone Business. He and his expert team used various data sources and methodologies, and their extensive knowledge of business, property, retail, general data and the economic environment, to understand market potential and business’s share of the potential, enabling clients to make informed decisions.

To help our clients direct their resources toward the greatest opportunities for business growth.

To be the partner of choice for any business-related information, constantly evolving with the changes in South Africa. Our Lightsparks will be consistently admired for their values, commitment, energy and talent.

Our People
Trevor Holmes

Trevor Holmes

Managing Director
Linda Reid

Linda Reid

Chief Commercial Officer
Ria Pretorius

Ria Holmes

Analytics Manager
Nicole von Arnim-Pitro

Nicole von Arnim-Pitro

Business Development Manager
BEE Compliance

Lightstone Business is a BEE Level 4 company.